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Various Survey Types
Various Survey Types
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
Global Standard
Global Standard
Good Reputation in the Industry
Good Reputation in the Industry
August 18th
We set up the Shanghai Office, opened HONG KONG branch and TAIWAN branch
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November 20th
Got authorization by Sierra Leone Flag State
May 8th
Got authorization by Mongolia
Flag State
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September 25th
Formally set up the foreign inspection company in Shanghai
    Mongolia, a landlocked country
surrounded by the two countries, the
People's Republic of China and Russia.
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The Republic of Sierra Leone
    The Republic of Sierra Leone is located on  the  West  African  Atlantic   coast,      surrounded by Guinea in the north and  east,  bordered  to  Liberia   by the  south-east, and  the capital is Freetown.

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   The Birth of the Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is one of the many projects  the country has undertaken to improve the investment and economy of the country.

   It will contribute to the development of the Marine Transport in Mongolia and connect Mongolia into the global maritime transportation network. Appointed by the Mongolia Government as the exclusive authority to process registration applications for ship wanting to fly the Mongolia flag, the Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is fully authorized to issue all the necessary documents and certificates and administer the registration system. Based in Singapore where financial and legal services are readily available, the Mongolian Ship Registry is well positioned to take on the challenge of providing efficient and quality services to ship owners who choose to have their vessels fly the Mongolian Flag.


   SLMARAD is the International Office of Sierra Leone Maritime Administration.

 SLMARAD operates and governs the registry in accordance with the Sierra Leone Merchant Shipping Act, 2003. SLMARAD is conducting vessels registration and seafarers certification with the aim to ensure safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment in order for vessels under the registry to be fit for service for which are intended and are manned with competent marine personnel.

   SLMARAD aims to continue the current operations of the Administration as well as to improve and simplify the registration procedures which has been established to be easy to follow without the burden of documentation.

Moreover, SLMARAD is looking towards maintaining a registry of highest quality as well as developed an innovating online system to ensure an efficient monitoring of vessels registered under this Administration.


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