Panama provisional normal registration 1. Provide the copy of signed Bill of Sale (BOS)(if  the owner has been changed). If the ship is new building, to provide proof of construction
2. Provide a copy of the Power of Attorney (POA)

3. Complete the Panama Registration Application Form (FORM A)            and the MSMC Application Form and send us after signing

4. Current DOC / SMC / ISSC / CSR copy (500GT and above)
Panama permanent normal registration
Radio license / RADIO LICENSE
     The Radio Station Provisional License is valid for six months. To apply for a    long-term radio license, please fill in the application form, provide a certificate of the opening of  satellite C station (except A1), and provide the copies of the valid DOC / SMC / ISSC / CSR under the Panamanian register to issue a Full-term certificate upon verification by the Panama Maritime Authority.
Nationality Certificates / PATENT
1. Original and Affirmative and Panama Certified Original, Selling Original and its Panama Certified Original

2. Prior to the cancellation of nationality certificate, you need to go through notarization, certification procedures. Original sent to Panama for ownership registration

3. Provide Full-term ITC

The following documents are required for registration of light rentals in Panama for one year or two years (up to a maximum of two years):

4. Provide a valid copy of DOC / SMC / ISSC / CSR
Panama light rental registration
1. Lawyer's authorization, subject to Panama certification
2. Chartering contract
3. The owner's letter of consent
4. MSA light rent certificate
5. China's registration certificate
6. China's safety management certificate (if applicable)
7. Bank Mortgage Letter (if any)
8. Registration Application Form (FORM A)

Submission of the above materials will begin to apply for the        
registration of optical rentals and issue a 2-year nationality    certificate and a radio license valid for a period of 6 months.
Note: The above documents are required English version
      Confirmation of costs (quote requires you to inform gross tonnage, net tonnage, ship license period, length)

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