Asia Shipping Cerification Services (ASCS CLASS) provides responsive service to our clients through a global network of exclusive surveyors strategically located on allmajor ports in Aisa.

     Asia Shipping Cerification Services (ASCS CLASS) began operations in Asia in 2016.ASCS CLASS Head Office is located in Shanghai, China,which is one of the most internationalized cities in the world.

  Dedication,professionalism and the highest standards in the fulfillment of our quality,safety and environmental protection policy are the focal points of our dealings in our relationship with the Maritime Community and our customers.



   At the same time, Asia  Shipping Certification Services  (ASCS CLASS) opened a Hong Kong Regional Office .

    Hong Kong,as a place where Chinese and Western cultures blend together combines Chinese wisdom with the advantages of Western social systems.

     In addtion,Hong Kong is famous of its incorrupt government , good order, free economic system and  thorough legal system, and it has the reputation of "Pearl of Orient".

     HKRO  follows  the  Western  System  and  carries  out  the Golden Mean, constantly does self-cultivation, self-supervision,self-education  and self-improvement,  and  strives to  achieve perfection,dedication,  sincerity, morality and honesty,  in order to open the market of Asia and the world.






  In middle 2017,Asia Shipping Certification Services (ASCS CLASS) opened the second regional office in Kaohsiung,Taiwan, which can strategically  widen the  market of Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

   Taiwan is located in the southeast coast of China,with the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Ryukyu Islands to the north, Bashi Strait which separates it and Philippine Islands to the South and Taiwan Strait which is between it and Fujian Province to the West.

    Taiwan has unique geographical location as it is located at the center of the Western Pacific Waterway.In that case,Taiwan is an important transport hub and an important strategic location for the maritime links between China and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

   TWRO aims at implementing the guidlines of the Central Government,following the trends of times and history,grasping the fundamental benefits of  the nation and core benefits of the country,promoting the development of cross-Straits relations and jointly striving to be an international RO.


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